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The Blessed Hellride

Music,what can you do without it? Lots of people are into music but i guess  some are just more interested  in it. I Really started to enjoy  music when i was  perhaps eight years old  and i went to my first big concert  at Nosturi `club`.  Kotiteollisuus, Finnish rock band  was playing there and  i liked it , so i went to see  their gig  with my friend and his father, That  how it  all began.

Now i listen  to music  everyday and go  to concerts every month with my friends . Some months i might go to 4 different gigs  and at summer festivals too , last summer i went to 4 different festivals too.  I thinks that maybe the best thinks about music its it social side of it . I`ve met many of my best friends at some concerts , or gotten to know someone by starting to talk about music. nowadays friends and i talk about and listen to music,even make music everyday. Whenever we have money we go to gigs. I myself like a little more extreme music ,metal,like pagan and viking metal, but i also listen to folk,death metal and some techno music sometimes. 80`s rock music is also great,Finnish metal and rock are too  underrated,but i enjoy them. I might be addicted to music but I don’t mind that at all.

Downsides of my extreme interest in music may be the lack of money and also making of music with my pals taking up mostly of my free time ,like time to be with my other friends.  . I`m always on the move somewhere and i don´t  have much time for other friends or time to be in home and relax.  I may also be affected  too much by different bands in the way thinking and act. ut i actually dont`t mind that at all. The worst thing is of course the expensive of CD:s and gigs/Festivals. I don`t download music willingly but i do that too sometimes.

Finaly i might said that Music is very healthy and wise hobby to anyone and everyone. Making music might be little different and may be needed talented for that,but listening don`t need talents or even good ear of music.  Every music category have good and trashy music. So you must decide not to listen trashy music. Peace

Eetu Väisänen


2 responses

  1. Ms Leino

    Contents: Very good
    Your enthusiasm is admirable and your taste in music shows even in your style of writing. You have considered the topic from several different points-of-view which makes this a thoughtful and mature essay. However, try to be a little bit more careful with punctuation and constructing full, balanced sentences. This is quite the “stream-of-consciousness” 🙂
    You have en extensive English vocabulary, but you fail to use any idiomatic expressions. Try it next time!
    By the way, I love the title!

    Media / appearance: Excellent
    I fixed the video for you and now it looks fantastic 🙂

    Grammar: Very good
    Try to avoid informal language in a formal essay, that is spoken English not written English 🙂
    – i = I (ALWAYS!)
    – I think that the best thing about music IS the social side of it
    – in the way I think and act
    – CDs
    – Finally/to sum up I would like to say that…
    – A little different
    – IT might require a little talent
    – listening DOESN’T require (=vaatia i.e. I need music in my life, but going to gigs requires money.)
    – listen TO

    October 14, 2010 at 9:54 am

  2. Your essey is fantastic and i liked it.
    I didn´t find any mistakes and it was cool.
    The only problem that i have found was the youtube video, becouse i coudn´t open it.
    Keep it up !!!

    October 5, 2010 at 10:02 pm

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