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Badminton Essentials

Badminton is basically kinda like tennis, so simply you just need to knock ball over the net. But honestly, there is much more to this great sport and the balls can come very fast at you. Badminton is actually good and challenging sport, though many people think that it’s easy and that it’s for old people etc. But they are wrong since it can be very hard and challenging, even on an amateur level you must be in good physical condition to play.

Personally i have played badminton for about two and half years, but few months ago i quitted it since I don’t really have so much time for it, nor motivation.

So here’s some main points that you should know if you want to start badminton.

Badminton is a sport that uses equipment that is essential to your game, so basically you should buy is pretty lightweight and feels good in your hand, you’ll see the point when you try.

Also if you are looking badminton in more competitive level such as playing in tournaments or even professionally, you will need to improve your health condition considerably since, like I said it can be very challenging. So don’t judge it before you try it.

By Phil