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Baseball is a sports game that is played team against team. It is one the most popular and well liked games in the world. What makes baseball so fun and great is that it is a sport game where you do not have to move around all the time, if you make it to the base, there is couple of seconds, even minutes to take it easy. Even when/if you have some spare time in the nest, you still have to keep your eyes on ball all the time.

In Finland and America, baseball is little bit of differend. In finland player stands at the home base with the pitcher that throws the ball to the air and then you have to swing it, but in the American way of baseball the pitcher stand about 20 meters in front of you and throws the ball stright to you. If you miss the throwed ball, is called pitched ball. When you hit the ball good enought, you may run to the first nest, if it is a very good hit, you may run trough all the three bases to back home base.

The picther.

By Joni