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Fashionable thing

First I have to say, some people think that fashion and shopping is vain. My opinion is that shopping new clothes is a hobby like photographing and music etc.. A hobby is something you enjoy to do, then your hobby can be anything you like.                                                                                              


So, I love fashion, and I love shopping. I usually spend my money to buy new clothes, but I can be economical too and I recycle my old clothes. I was interested in fashion about 2 years ago, when I started to read fashion blogs.

I read many finnish fashion blogs. For example I read http://annika-o.blogspot.com/, http://mungolife.blogspot.com/ and http://nofashionvictims.indiedays.com/.  There is nice to read fashion and writer’s lifestyle. I often take inspiration my dressing from fashion blogs. If you see  some new nice clothes that blogger have introduced, you usually can get information where to buy it and how much it costs. That’s why nowadays some new popular clothes can be sold before you go to the shop. It’s good advertising, but you have to be fast!

I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog about fashion and lifestyle, but I don’t know if I want many random people know much about my life. And I know that some anonymous can be mean to writing nasty comments to blogger’s comment boxes.  But I love photographing too, so I would like to take some photos for my blog.

And finally I need to put a song here which is all about fashion 😉

Essay by Siru


passion for fashion

I have had a passion for clothes for a long time. About three years ago I discovered a blog about fashion for the first time. Now I read about a hundred blogs a day. They are all about fashion, style, clothes or life/style. Here are few: click, clickclick, I also write my own blog. It´s about my style, clothes and life/style. I have been writing it for a year now and it has become a very important thing in my life.
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  Blogging makes me so happy. It´s strange that so many people are interested in my style and life. I love my readers, they always complement my clothes and outfits. I was thrilled to bits, when one girl told me that she always gets inspired by my outfits. One nice comment can really make my day. One day when I was sitting in a cafe with my friend, two girls came up to me and said that they love my blog.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  There are a few downsides, for example, I hate carrying my big camera everyday with me. And some of my friends are so sick of taking pictures of me everyday. If I haven´t been posting for three or four days, I get very stressed. But I´m extremely lucky, because I haven´t  been receiving any mean anonymous comments.

  Even though blogging causes a little bit of stress sometimes, there are so many good thins about it, that I couldn´t imagine quitting. It´s my passion!

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