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a Hole in my head

It`s a beautiful summer day and we (my family and I) are fishing. Just when my dad is throwing the snare, I feel strange pain in my forehead: kind of like someone is trying to rip off my forehead, and then I hear my mother scream “Oh my God! Jarmo STOP!” And my dad looks behind – where I am sitting – and curses. From that on I don´t  really remember anything clearly – maby I was in shock I don´t know – until we got back to the beach and I finally really realised what had happened: the hook had gotten stuck on my forehead!

Dad had already cut off the fishing line so it wasn´t hanging from my forehead anymore. Dad was trying to explain where we are to the ambulance men, but because we were literally in the middle of the woods it didn´t really work out, so it was off to hospital – really fast.

When we got to the hospital I got quite shocked looks, but I wasn´t bleeding. I just got a hook stuck on my forehead. Luckily nothing bad happened – no brain damages or anything like that – I just got a little hole in my forehead for a while

So I think you understand me when I say that I don´t really like fishing. I might go fishing like two or three times in a year if my sister or brother really wants to go and needs some company. But then I usually sit quite far away and just watch.

I think I understand why some people like fishing so much. They get to fish their own fishes and show off with their fishing achievements like “I just got a fish that gained 20 kg”. I personally think fishing is just BORING. It doesn´t give me any challenge, and if you aint getting any fish it just pisses you off. Sure it´s nice to catch your own fishes to eat but fishes aint that good. I let other people to do the fishing.



Underwater predator

Fishing is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s very relaxing and nice hobbie, because you can spend whole of day fishing. There are lots of different fishing techniques and every fisherman has his own favorite technique. Some people do it as a hobby, for some people it is like a way of life. For me, it ‘s just a hobby.

Like I said, there are lots of different ways to fish. I recommend regular fishing with rod, hook and bait. You can use worms, maggots or bread chunks as bait. I have noticed, that worms work best. You can fish this way almost around the year. Fish you might catch are perches, small pikes or small trouts.

Why I like fishing? There are few simple but good reasons. Fishing is soothing hobbie. I could go to the beach or dock with friends and fish all the day long, while you talk, listen to music or tell jokes. When you rise fish from the water, you feel like winner. There are many feelings that make me happy. But the most important reason is, it makes me smile.

This is a pike I have caught. Weight about 2 kg

Essay by Markus Tirronen