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Football is my hobby

Football is my hobby because it very easy for me and l am driven by it. Many of my friends told to me that l´m very good. l decided that l will join a good football team. Now l have joined Hifk, it is a good team and all the players are 18-30 years old. l`m the youngest. l was 9 years old when lived in sweden and there l joined a football team. For the first time. My parents decided to move to finland. Now l have lived in finland only 8 years, when we moved from sweden it was very difficult for me because everything was familiar to me back in sweden. The most important thing to me was were my best friends, l miss them sometimes very much. Now everything has changed in my life and l`m happy that l live in finlad because in finland they have many good football teams. My ambition is to make it to national team. l have worked hard and l try to even the national team until l can. My favourite player was Ronaldinho but now is Lionel messi , Ronaldinho quit football totally.  l have never thought about quitting myself! In finland it a little bit difficult to make the national team. Many young people tried and even my friends. However, l never quit football.