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My friends

My friends

There was a time, when  i was little girl and a bit lonely . I did’t have many friends. In third grade i met a girl and she kind of changend my life. We acquainted slowly and suddenly we were inserable friends. I realized immediately that she is really Cool  girl and quite a similar as I. We are still bestfriends.

We  spend a lot of time together. We both love shopping and we do it almost at least once in week.We have a lot of mutual friends and we all like same things and Sometimes we all go shopping  with big group. We also love to go out and only hang out and doing  always something fanny. We like watch movies, and we like too sport and take care of our looks and bodys.  Sometimes we have only girls night without boys and sorrows. We make something good food and just chilling.

Together we can be just own selfs, we can talk eachother everything, what ever we like. If i have something to tell i allways have my friends. My friends are the best thing my life. I really love them all!

by Erika


Best friends




The best thing that has ever happened to me are my friends and other loved ones. We are always together and we have so much in common. Because of mu friends I am a shopaholic. My friends and I love to shop! We are always in the mall shopping for clothes and shoes and jewellery. Perhaps I spend too much money on clothes, because when I get money it goes always to clothes and something unnecessary. But When we hang out at the mall my friends and I go to eat and we drink special coffees. Our favourite shops are Zara, Vero Moda and Spirit Store. When we aren’t at the mall buying things or hanging out, we spend time at someone’s house and when we hang out at each other’s houses, our activities are playing games, talking about boys and of course watching movies and tv. That is just what I do with my friend almost every day. (: By Anna