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Languages – My passion, my future?

I have always been fascinated by languages and their impact on the world.

It all dates back to the year 1995 when I had already learnt how to speak Finnish and how to sign. That specific year my parents and my grandmother realized that I’m good at languages. I think that my talent comes from my grandmother who is also really good in languages.

My biggest personal experiences of languages are the two national camps that I attended to. First camp was in Japan in the year 2006, it lasted for a month and made a HUGE improvement in my English skills and vocabulary. The second one was in Denmark, and it was a camp for Scandinavian countries only, there I had an improvement in my English-speaking on normal situations.

Languages bring people together. For example English the biggest media-language, can be communicated with in every country around the world. I myself enjoy watching the series / movies which are in English without any subtitles, and I enjoy watching shows that are in different languages. 

The most respectful thing you can do is to learn other person’s native language. And when you’ve learned how to speak it, you feel awesome when you will be able to speak the language in his / her country.

My favourite language is Spanish, too bad I do not know how to speak it.