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My moped

My hobby is mopeds. My moped is slow and it speeds up as slow as a turtle. It has a 50cc, 4-stroke engine. My moped was made in China but still its really reliable. I have had it for a year now and it has never broken down.

I started this hobby when i was 15. Back then i realized i want a moped so i got a moped driver’s licence and bought my moped after that.

The greatest thing in this hobby is that you can go almost everywhere with it, and because my moped has a 4-stroke engine I dont have to buy gas often. My moped has a 10 liter tank and it burns gas about 2 liters / 100 km. It’s really fuel efficient.

The downsides in this hobby is that if I go for a longer ride, i’m sometimes afraid that my moped will break down and I have to walk it home. Mopeds tend to break easily.

So even if my moped is slow and it speeds up really slowly, I still like to ride it everywhere I go

By Austin