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Photographing people is photographing their souls

Photography is actually photographer’s vision about some object. Sometimes photos are simply not as good as wanted because of not so good camera, but the actual flaw is more often behind the camera. Good skills of editing photos are almost as important as a great picture. With editing photos you can fix some technically incorrect things. Professional photographers use the best cameras that does exist, but  really good photographer is able to take great photos with basic camera.

Photographing is also one type of art. And photographers are artists. They are expressing theirselves trough photos.

It takes plenty of time and you have to take millions of photos to become  professional, but someday I will be the one. In the future I want to “earn my bread” by working as freelancer. Photographing is my first interest and of course it is my hobby. I became interested in photographing seven years ago when I got my first digital camera.

My favorite object is people. It is a very challenging subject, but also the most rewarding one. My camera travels always with me where ever I go, because you’ll never know when something interesting happens. As well as people I like to photograph animals, groups (bands etc), items, landscapes and special events like rock concerts. I want to take photos of art and advertisement and also in the studio.

I also like to be photographed. How can you  take photos of someone if you have no idea how it feels to be on the other side of the lence? I think that it’s a good thing enjoy to be in a spotlight.

When I walked around the city of Helsinki in last summer, many tourists came to me and asked if they could take a photo of me. It’s rewarding because it makes me feel that I look special and I have a personal style. I have been photographed by professional photographer Aki-Pekka Sinikoski for his dissertation project. It was very nice experience and I do like some of his works but not all of them.

I appreciate photographers like Ross Halfin and Lisa Boyle. I like Ross Halfin’s pictures of gigs and bands. Lisa Boyle is really good too. Some musicians are talented photographers, for example Nikki Sixx .

Our memories live in photos. Years later you can look at some forgotten pictures and remember again all the memories like: “What a weekend, we had so much fun and we were crazies ever” or “Omg! My hair was so fluffy!”

I’m not really good photographer yet – I’m not so good I would like to be. I want to be better all the time but even more I want to enjoy it as my hobby and as part of my life.

In the end, I send a little bit boring but interesting video about photoshopping. I think it’s nasty but also very important thing to understand that the most beautiful standards are modifided by computer.

– Essay done by Henna