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How far can you run?

Have you ever been so energetic that would run around the world?

Running is my passion.

I started running with my friend a couple of years ago. We were thinking what could we do as our hobby. Then at the same time on the tv there was two lady running and it looked like they had a fun time so we decided to try it. And yes it was very enjoyable.

Sometimes I like to run alone, I can run so fast as I can and I can run as far as I can. But when I can’t run anymore I start jogging. I don’t have to wait nobody so I got my own schedule and I like it. When I run, I go running when I have time. So I don’t have to think about what time is it. But now when I get a dog, I think I will run with him. Its going to be nice.

People run marathons all over the world.  Maybe because they wanna show everyone that they can do something, or maybe because they wanna keep up their good shape. But also some professional runners or some big organizations does organize marathon competitions because they wanna collect money to help some developing countries. When I grow up, I would like to run some marathons in finland.

When you run you gotta have good equipment and especially good shoes. If you run with wrong shoes your feet will get hurt and you don’t feel like running is awesome. My dad bought me running shoes and they are from Nike.

I run because I don’t wanna get fat and because I like to keep myself in a good shape. And of course running is good for your health and it makes you feel good. You can do it alone or with your friend or maybe your mom or dad. So you can start it right now I guarantee it will get you sweat!

by Elina