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Have you ever juggled 500 with a soccer ball?

Once upon a time there was a day when I had nothing to do. I went outside into our backyard, took my ball and started juggling. Then I noticed that it went so well  I thought I might try to set a new record. My former record was 352. I was so happy when I did it that I went to tell my dad about it. That was my lucky day.

I started playing soccer when I was 6 years old. And I started soccer because my  parents noticed that I was so in love with everything that had something to do with a ball. Ever since I was born, I had a passion for the ball. My first team was IVU and it was quite good team. I played in IVU about 2 or 3 years. My next team after that was Jokerit because we moved in to Marjaniemi. I played for Jokerit for about 2 years only because the team was dismantled and it became a soccer team named Allianssi.

 So what it takes to get a fantastic soccer player?

First if you love soccer, you have to get in a real soccer team. Then you have to be in every trainings and show to your manager that you have passion for the soccer. It takes so much your free-time when you train soccer very hard.( “I KNOW THAT” ) Also you need skills, but I have to say one thing. Everyone can get a fantastic soccer player. You just have to believe that some day you will be an elite if you do hard work. So believe yourself!!!

By Jani


Soccer and music

Let me tell you briefly about my hobbies and why I like them

I started playing soccer when i was 12- years old. Before that, I hadn’t played for any team. my first  soccer practise was so hard because i was  new there and i  didn’t know how to play soccer. when i had free time I wear  play soccer. i mean that i trained alone. years later I was as good as the other players. I started playing soccer because soccer has always been close to my heart and I want to develop all the time .  I have played football for five years. I’ve played in two soccer teams. The names of the teams are KäPa and valtti. Now I will play for valtti. 

That’s me
I believe that Music is my second hobby

I think music is my language, because i like music so much. I listen to lots of music. I listen to lot of Afghans, persian and hindi music. When  i listen to music, I sing along with it at the same time. My friends sometimes don’t like it when i sing for them, because i sing always they some songs. I sing the same song whenever they are close to me, because I want to tease them. I want to learn how to sing. Singing is important for me because i want to make my own songs someday.
We all want to make our dreams come true , but no one knows whether we will succeed or not. I hope that every one succeeds in making theirs dreams come true.

  By Nawid

Joga Bonito (The Beautiful Game)

One of the world’s most popular and most played sport is fotball. (In American English soccer)
Football is very interesting, exciting and challenging game and if you want to have fun, you have to enjoy your playing in the field.
My favourite game and sport is of course football and I play football, I watch football, specially free style videos always when I have time and I also play in a team by the name of Gnistan IF and football is one of the important things in my life.
In Finland football is also popular game after icehockey I think so, and everyone wants to play, win and enjoy.
But the only thing which I don’t like in Finnish football is that you have to tackle a lot and you have to be physically tough, but if you want learn football skills and short passing’s there is few teams who wants to play skilful and nice football in Finland.
Brazil is one of the best popular football countries in the world. They have won the most world championships in the world and they usually play very skilful and fast football and everyone likes Brazilian style.
My favourite national teams are Holland and Spain. I like Holland because their playing style is to pass fast, move fast and to use your skills in the field and I like Spain because they have the same style as Holland and I think everybody who follows football should knows how good Spain is, because they won the last Europeans and world championship.
I usually play as a winger in the field in football matches. My role is to dribble a lot and move fast with the ball and that’s tough role because you have to be skillful, fast and to give brilliant passes.
My favourite players are Arjen Robben, Givanildo Vieira de Souza and Angel Di Maria.
Arjen Robben is a Dutch football player and he is also winger he is fast, skillful and scores a lot. Givanildo Vieira de Souza is known as a strong and fast winger. Angel Di Maria is brilliant with ball, he is also winger but he can play as a striker too. So my favorite players are all wingers.
If you want to become a good player, you should practice a lot, work hard and you have to enjoy the game when you are in the field, so that’s my advice for all of you.
By: Milad


It´s not just a game

    Soccer is the best and most famous sport in the world and it´s easy to learn you can learn it just by watching soccer match on the television. In Brazil everyone have a dream of becoming a professional soccer star even kids, that is why they play street soccer every day. I always love playing soccer and watching of course. I start playing it when i was little boy. At age of eleven it become my real hobby that´s when i start playing in a soccer team. After five years i quit, but i still love it.

      Soccer game was developed in China and was played with leather ball. The modern game was first developed in England in the 19th century. The football association was set up in 1863 and the laws of the game were developed in the same year.

      The game is played by two team of eleven players on the field with a goal each end. After the game start the try to beat each other and everyone try to score a goal.

      Soccer doasen´t  have a negative sides maybe the only downsides are that soccer can be a little bit violence someones can break their legs and it can be unfair  if the referee is bad otherwise it´s piece of cake.

      The game is fantastic and i recommend it to everyone.Amazing skills.

I enjoy watching Chelsea and they are the best.

soccer                                                                              Esse by Zakarie