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A life style

I have no hobby, but it dousen´t mean that I don´t do anything in my free time. After school I go to do my job in an italian restaurant, but it´s too boring to talk about. On my free days, when I have no work, I do yoga.

If you haven´t ever tried to do yoga is nothing more than stretching. But actually it´s wrong to think that. Yoga teaches you to be free of your mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings. It is not a piece of cake. “Yoga, it is 99% practise and 1% theory” – said Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. He was a steepest yogi in last 100 years.

I do not know so much about yoga, as they who are keen on it for years or decades. I have started a hobby for about 5 months ago. But to me important that it brings pleasure and provides physical and mental development. I do not think any compliment after exercises, no, it is not right, better to say that I am unable to suspend thinking. It is so unusual, when my head is completely empty. Many people believe that yoga can improve the health, but yoga for healthy people. It can import big complications if a man is ill, physically or mentally. Yoga is not a means to arrive there that can get something, but it is an achievement in self-regulated. Good health and physical development are just the side effects.

In any case, yoga is really nice and it’s not a hobby, but life style. Is not easy roads in yoga.  If you think of another way – try it.

By Ivan