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Guitar music

My hobby is playing guitar. And you should know, that I play classical guitar. I like it because I enjoy about music.

I started playing guitar at the age of six in music school. That was about nine years ago. During the first six years, I had five lessons per a week, four of lessons were band lessons and one was personal lesson. But when I went to high school, I had only two band lessons per a week, one personal lesson and one extra lesson about every second week. Today I have one lesson per a week. But I think , that is more comfortable than five lessons.

I should write about my idol, but I don`t have one. I think today almost every professional guitarist who play classical guitar, play weird modern music. I don`t like modern music very much, because it sounds so weird.

essay by leevi


The Blessed Hellride

Music,what can you do without it? Lots of people are into music but i guess  some are just more interested  in it. I Really started to enjoy  music when i was  perhaps eight years old  and i went to my first big concert  at Nosturi `club`.  Kotiteollisuus, Finnish rock band  was playing there and  i liked it , so i went to see  their gig  with my friend and his father, That  how it  all began.

Now i listen  to music  everyday and go  to concerts every month with my friends . Some months i might go to 4 different gigs  and at summer festivals too , last summer i went to 4 different festivals too.  I thinks that maybe the best thinks about music its it social side of it . I`ve met many of my best friends at some concerts , or gotten to know someone by starting to talk about music. nowadays friends and i talk about and listen to music,even make music everyday. Whenever we have money we go to gigs. I myself like a little more extreme music ,metal,like pagan and viking metal, but i also listen to folk,death metal and some techno music sometimes. 80`s rock music is also great,Finnish metal and rock are too  underrated,but i enjoy them. I might be addicted to music but I don’t mind that at all.

Downsides of my extreme interest in music may be the lack of money and also making of music with my pals taking up mostly of my free time ,like time to be with my other friends.  . I`m always on the move somewhere and i don´t  have much time for other friends or time to be in home and relax.  I may also be affected  too much by different bands in the way thinking and act. ut i actually dont`t mind that at all. The worst thing is of course the expensive of CD:s and gigs/Festivals. I don`t download music willingly but i do that too sometimes.

Finaly i might said that Music is very healthy and wise hobby to anyone and everyone. Making music might be little different and may be needed talented for that,but listening don`t need talents or even good ear of music.  Every music category have good and trashy music. So you must decide not to listen trashy music. Peace

Eetu Väisänen

My friends

My friends

There was a time, when  i was little girl and a bit lonely . I did’t have many friends. In third grade i met a girl and she kind of changend my life. We acquainted slowly and suddenly we were inserable friends. I realized immediately that she is really Cool  girl and quite a similar as I. We are still bestfriends.

We  spend a lot of time together. We both love shopping and we do it almost at least once in week.We have a lot of mutual friends and we all like same things and Sometimes we all go shopping  with big group. We also love to go out and only hang out and doing  always something fanny. We like watch movies, and we like too sport and take care of our looks and bodys.  Sometimes we have only girls night without boys and sorrows. We make something good food and just chilling.

Together we can be just own selfs, we can talk eachother everything, what ever we like. If i have something to tell i allways have my friends. My friends are the best thing my life. I really love them all!

by Erika

Football is my hobby

Football is my hobby because it very easy for me and l am driven by it. Many of my friends told to me that l´m very good. l decided that l will join a good football team. Now l have joined Hifk, it is a good team and all the players are 18-30 years old. l`m the youngest. l was 9 years old when lived in sweden and there l joined a football team. For the first time. My parents decided to move to finland. Now l have lived in finland only 8 years, when we moved from sweden it was very difficult for me because everything was familiar to me back in sweden. The most important thing to me was were my best friends, l miss them sometimes very much. Now everything has changed in my life and l`m happy that l live in finlad because in finland they have many good football teams. My ambition is to make it to national team. l have worked hard and l try to even the national team until l can. My favourite player was Ronaldinho but now is Lionel messi , Ronaldinho quit football totally.  l have never thought about quitting myself! In finland it a little bit difficult to make the national team. Many young people tried and even my friends. However, l never quit football.

Have you ever juggled 500 with a soccer ball?

Once upon a time there was a day when I had nothing to do. I went outside into our backyard, took my ball and started juggling. Then I noticed that it went so well  I thought I might try to set a new record. My former record was 352. I was so happy when I did it that I went to tell my dad about it. That was my lucky day.

I started playing soccer when I was 6 years old. And I started soccer because my  parents noticed that I was so in love with everything that had something to do with a ball. Ever since I was born, I had a passion for the ball. My first team was IVU and it was quite good team. I played in IVU about 2 or 3 years. My next team after that was Jokerit because we moved in to Marjaniemi. I played for Jokerit for about 2 years only because the team was dismantled and it became a soccer team named Allianssi.

 So what it takes to get a fantastic soccer player?

First if you love soccer, you have to get in a real soccer team. Then you have to be in every trainings and show to your manager that you have passion for the soccer. It takes so much your free-time when you train soccer very hard.( “I KNOW THAT” ) Also you need skills, but I have to say one thing. Everyone can get a fantastic soccer player. You just have to believe that some day you will be an elite if you do hard work. So believe yourself!!!

By Jani


HI !!!

My name is Artur and my hobbyes are DJ and listening to music. I like music very much. I sarted listen music 10 years ago. I listen very many music; electro,house,hardstyle,techno…I listen music every day.If i sad, I started music and I will be happy.

I listen to DJ tiesto, angerfist, pendulum, armin van buren, Darren styles, showtek, marc van linden.
These are techno, dj and hardcore music.

 I have started this DJ hobby about 4 years later. It has been fun and i still love it. When i was living in Estonia i had DJ lessons where i learned alot.  I still practise DJ in Finland and Estonia. Every summer i go to Estonia to visit my family and have fun. Usually DJ have headphones that are designed for DJs only and some mixers so they can make music with it. They use lot of bass and cool beats.

I have listened DJ, Techno, hardstyle, hardcore, electro, house for my entire life! And still listening to it!

Soccer and music

Let me tell you briefly about my hobbies and why I like them

I started playing soccer when i was 12- years old. Before that, I hadn’t played for any team. my first  soccer practise was so hard because i was  new there and i  didn’t know how to play soccer. when i had free time I wear  play soccer. i mean that i trained alone. years later I was as good as the other players. I started playing soccer because soccer has always been close to my heart and I want to develop all the time .  I have played football for five years. I’ve played in two soccer teams. The names of the teams are KäPa and valtti. Now I will play for valtti. 

That’s me
I believe that Music is my second hobby

I think music is my language, because i like music so much. I listen to lots of music. I listen to lot of Afghans, persian and hindi music. When  i listen to music, I sing along with it at the same time. My friends sometimes don’t like it when i sing for them, because i sing always they some songs. I sing the same song whenever they are close to me, because I want to tease them. I want to learn how to sing. Singing is important for me because i want to make my own songs someday.
We all want to make our dreams come true , but no one knows whether we will succeed or not. I hope that every one succeeds in making theirs dreams come true.

  By Nawid

Joga Bonito (The Beautiful Game)

One of the world’s most popular and most played sport is fotball. (In American English soccer)
Football is very interesting, exciting and challenging game and if you want to have fun, you have to enjoy your playing in the field.
My favourite game and sport is of course football and I play football, I watch football, specially free style videos always when I have time and I also play in a team by the name of Gnistan IF and football is one of the important things in my life.
In Finland football is also popular game after icehockey I think so, and everyone wants to play, win and enjoy.
But the only thing which I don’t like in Finnish football is that you have to tackle a lot and you have to be physically tough, but if you want learn football skills and short passing’s there is few teams who wants to play skilful and nice football in Finland.
Brazil is one of the best popular football countries in the world. They have won the most world championships in the world and they usually play very skilful and fast football and everyone likes Brazilian style.
My favourite national teams are Holland and Spain. I like Holland because their playing style is to pass fast, move fast and to use your skills in the field and I like Spain because they have the same style as Holland and I think everybody who follows football should knows how good Spain is, because they won the last Europeans and world championship.
I usually play as a winger in the field in football matches. My role is to dribble a lot and move fast with the ball and that’s tough role because you have to be skillful, fast and to give brilliant passes.
My favourite players are Arjen Robben, Givanildo Vieira de Souza and Angel Di Maria.
Arjen Robben is a Dutch football player and he is also winger he is fast, skillful and scores a lot. Givanildo Vieira de Souza is known as a strong and fast winger. Angel Di Maria is brilliant with ball, he is also winger but he can play as a striker too. So my favorite players are all wingers.
If you want to become a good player, you should practice a lot, work hard and you have to enjoy the game when you are in the field, so that’s my advice for all of you.
By: Milad


a Hole in my head

It`s a beautiful summer day and we (my family and I) are fishing. Just when my dad is throwing the snare, I feel strange pain in my forehead: kind of like someone is trying to rip off my forehead, and then I hear my mother scream “Oh my God! Jarmo STOP!” And my dad looks behind – where I am sitting – and curses. From that on I don´t  really remember anything clearly – maby I was in shock I don´t know – until we got back to the beach and I finally really realised what had happened: the hook had gotten stuck on my forehead!

Dad had already cut off the fishing line so it wasn´t hanging from my forehead anymore. Dad was trying to explain where we are to the ambulance men, but because we were literally in the middle of the woods it didn´t really work out, so it was off to hospital – really fast.

When we got to the hospital I got quite shocked looks, but I wasn´t bleeding. I just got a hook stuck on my forehead. Luckily nothing bad happened – no brain damages or anything like that – I just got a little hole in my forehead for a while

So I think you understand me when I say that I don´t really like fishing. I might go fishing like two or three times in a year if my sister or brother really wants to go and needs some company. But then I usually sit quite far away and just watch.

I think I understand why some people like fishing so much. They get to fish their own fishes and show off with their fishing achievements like “I just got a fish that gained 20 kg”. I personally think fishing is just BORING. It doesn´t give me any challenge, and if you aint getting any fish it just pisses you off. Sure it´s nice to catch your own fishes to eat but fishes aint that good. I let other people to do the fishing.


What I am interested

Photo have taken Savijärvi´s shetland pony expo. Photographer is Johanna.

I will tell you what interest me because I don´t have hobby. I like riding very much and I want to start riding but I can´t because it is expensive. 

Riding is expensive hobby because some riding school´s hour and riding clothes cost a lot. In Finland people buy theirs riding clothes Hööks or Idänratsu. 

I have loving horse all my life and other animals. I have riding one time in Jatila´s stable and I want to riding more. I have gone to stable with my best friend. She has riding many years and care horse. Riding is exciting and funny. I was international pony expo and Savijärvi´s shettland pony expo last summer with my best friend. We were photographing ponies and I like it. 

People have riding many years. Before riding horses were helped people. Now people riding different completions. Famous finnish who riding are Kyra Kyrklund, Piia Pantsu and Noora  Forstén. International pony expo know Vermo´s pony expo in Espoo. Different ponies are going to Vermo´s expo with their owner.

Photo have taken Savijärvi´s shetland pony expo. Photographer is Johanna.

Essay by Johanna

Photographing people is photographing their souls

Photography is actually photographer’s vision about some object. Sometimes photos are simply not as good as wanted because of not so good camera, but the actual flaw is more often behind the camera. Good skills of editing photos are almost as important as a great picture. With editing photos you can fix some technically incorrect things. Professional photographers use the best cameras that does exist, but  really good photographer is able to take great photos with basic camera.

Photographing is also one type of art. And photographers are artists. They are expressing theirselves trough photos.

It takes plenty of time and you have to take millions of photos to become  professional, but someday I will be the one. In the future I want to “earn my bread” by working as freelancer. Photographing is my first interest and of course it is my hobby. I became interested in photographing seven years ago when I got my first digital camera.

My favorite object is people. It is a very challenging subject, but also the most rewarding one. My camera travels always with me where ever I go, because you’ll never know when something interesting happens. As well as people I like to photograph animals, groups (bands etc), items, landscapes and special events like rock concerts. I want to take photos of art and advertisement and also in the studio.

I also like to be photographed. How can you  take photos of someone if you have no idea how it feels to be on the other side of the lence? I think that it’s a good thing enjoy to be in a spotlight.

When I walked around the city of Helsinki in last summer, many tourists came to me and asked if they could take a photo of me. It’s rewarding because it makes me feel that I look special and I have a personal style. I have been photographed by professional photographer Aki-Pekka Sinikoski for his dissertation project. It was very nice experience and I do like some of his works but not all of them.

I appreciate photographers like Ross Halfin and Lisa Boyle. I like Ross Halfin’s pictures of gigs and bands. Lisa Boyle is really good too. Some musicians are talented photographers, for example Nikki Sixx .

Our memories live in photos. Years later you can look at some forgotten pictures and remember again all the memories like: “What a weekend, we had so much fun and we were crazies ever” or “Omg! My hair was so fluffy!”

I’m not really good photographer yet – I’m not so good I would like to be. I want to be better all the time but even more I want to enjoy it as my hobby and as part of my life.

In the end, I send a little bit boring but interesting video about photoshopping. I think it’s nasty but also very important thing to understand that the most beautiful standards are modifided by computer.

– Essay done by Henna

A Pain in the butt – is it really worth it?

Broken bones, pain in the butt, pierced lungs, muddy clothes, and worst of all; your long, pretty nails with dark-pink nail polish  and sparkling flower stickers, all gone! Doesnt that sound terrifying? Well that’s just a short list of what riding can cause to you. I’ve heard that it makes its way to the top ten of the most dangerous hobbies in the whole world, maybe that’s the reason why I love it from the bottom of my heart.

(c) Kerttu Saali, Icelandic horse

I started riding regularly only six years ago, but I have had a fascination for horses since I wore diapers. I used to watch many cartoons about horses and play with my favourite toys; my little ponies. That was my way to mitigate pain, caused by the fact that I could not get to ride.  I kept always begging for to get even once on a horse, but it was always the same answer: “You are too young, what if you fall and break your bones?”. All what my parents allowed me to do was just sit on a horse, and someone else control it. That wasn’t enough for me.

When I finally grew, I was allowed to take a riding lesson with my sister and a friend. We booked a lesson at a nearby stable. And when that day finally came, I was thrilled to bits. We arrived at the stables and I opened the car’s door, walked inside the stable, smelled the usual smell of a horse stable, that was the moment when I felt butterflies flapping in my stomach. In few minutes I would be riding a horse by myself! Not a hobby-horse or some kind of a toy horse, a real horse with me on it’s back and holding the reins! It took about 15 minutes when I was ready to climb on top of it, and as soon as I sat to the saddle, I was on cloud nine! I finally felt the stirrups under my black Nokia’s Wellington boots, the riding helmet towards my head and reins in my very own hands.

Well why should you start riding then, I could write a book about riding’s good sides but here’s a few great examples:  Example number one:  It’s not just a sport! It’s therapy, it’s a lifestyle! You can escape from everyday-life while riding and forget all your school or work stress. And who wouldn’t love the connection between the rider and a horse? It is certainly rewarding to work with a horse. And when you realize that the animal under you is following your requests, you can be really proud of yourself. It makes you in such high spirits… Example number two:  Extremely good exercise, specially for your butt. To disprove all thoughts that riding is not a sport, go ahead and watch those riding videos above. And for them who still believes that riders just sit on a saddle, then why on earth am I always covered in sweat after a riding lesson?!  And no, it’s not raining always and no, I’m not showering myself with water before I go to ride, I AM DOING PHYSICAL EXERCISE WHILE RIDING.

(c) Kerttu Saali, Adorable icelandic horse filly

As in all hobbies, there are some downsides too. The most shocking part of  it; It is ridiculously expensive, at least in the capital. More norther you go, more cheaper prices you can have. For example, in capital one lesson costs about 30 euros, but next to our summer cottage in the middle-finland, the same lesson is 16 euros, isn’t it unfair!? Downside number two: It is D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S! As I said in the beginning of this essay: u can hurt yourself extremely bad. You are risking your life by climbing on a horse, specially if it’s untrained. Downside number three: Dangerously attractive! If you don’t have money enough, do not even try it! You can’t get enough of it. It’s a mission impossible to get rid of it.

So, in the end; A pain in the butt –  so what? IT IS WORTH IT

First some accidents :

And then Professional rider, Anky Van Grunsven

Essay made by Kerttu Saali

Playing an instrument

Music is consuming my life. Everywhere I go or anything I do is mostly always with music. I love to play the guitar. As a hobby its very time consuming and it needs a lot of practice.  I’ve been playing guitar for a few years. I still play it horribly though. There are a lot of different genres where guitar is included, and almost every single one of them have different tecniques. Every technique needs a lot of practice. Some of them more, some of them less. For example there are techniques called hammer-on, pull off, tapping, pinch harmonic, palm mute and so on. You can also do different effects for example distortion, wah-wah, delay and more.

The thing that got me to play the guitar was my friend. About 3 years ago i went to my friends house for the weekend. When I got to his house I heard music getting louder and louder. I opened his door and saw him playing the guitar. His fingers were moving incredibly fast up and down the guitars neck. He let me try to play something easy and simple and looked the TABs out for it. I tried to play it but it was really hard. I couldn’t play it at all, but it was fun. From that point on, I’ve respected artists a lot more. It really needs talent and skills to make new music and do live performances.

The downsides about guitar playing is that, sometimes its hard to keep the rythm up with the song. It also takes time to learn the tecniques. Sometimes its really frustrating when you try to play a song which needs some difficult technique at some point, and you just can’t play it no matter what you do. So you need a lot of patience and in the end you will start to get the hang of it.

My guitar

                                                                                                          Essay by Petrus

A life style

I have no hobby, but it dousen´t mean that I don´t do anything in my free time. After school I go to do my job in an italian restaurant, but it´s too boring to talk about. On my free days, when I have no work, I do yoga.

If you haven´t ever tried to do yoga is nothing more than stretching. But actually it´s wrong to think that. Yoga teaches you to be free of your mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings. It is not a piece of cake. “Yoga, it is 99% practise and 1% theory” – said Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. He was a steepest yogi in last 100 years.

I do not know so much about yoga, as they who are keen on it for years or decades. I have started a hobby for about 5 months ago. But to me important that it brings pleasure and provides physical and mental development. I do not think any compliment after exercises, no, it is not right, better to say that I am unable to suspend thinking. It is so unusual, when my head is completely empty. Many people believe that yoga can improve the health, but yoga for healthy people. It can import big complications if a man is ill, physically or mentally. Yoga is not a means to arrive there that can get something, but it is an achievement in self-regulated. Good health and physical development are just the side effects.

In any case, yoga is really nice and it’s not a hobby, but life style. Is not easy roads in yoga.  If you think of another way – try it.

By Ivan

Badminton Essentials

Badminton is basically kinda like tennis, so simply you just need to knock ball over the net. But honestly, there is much more to this great sport and the balls can come very fast at you. Badminton is actually good and challenging sport, though many people think that it’s easy and that it’s for old people etc. But they are wrong since it can be very hard and challenging, even on an amateur level you must be in good physical condition to play.

Personally i have played badminton for about two and half years, but few months ago i quitted it since I don’t really have so much time for it, nor motivation.

So here’s some main points that you should know if you want to start badminton.

Badminton is a sport that uses equipment that is essential to your game, so basically you should buy is pretty lightweight and feels good in your hand, you’ll see the point when you try.

Also if you are looking badminton in more competitive level such as playing in tournaments or even professionally, you will need to improve your health condition considerably since, like I said it can be very challenging. So don’t judge it before you try it.

By Phil

Languages – My passion, my future?

I have always been fascinated by languages and their impact on the world.

It all dates back to the year 1995 when I had already learnt how to speak Finnish and how to sign. That specific year my parents and my grandmother realized that I’m good at languages. I think that my talent comes from my grandmother who is also really good in languages.

My biggest personal experiences of languages are the two national camps that I attended to. First camp was in Japan in the year 2006, it lasted for a month and made a HUGE improvement in my English skills and vocabulary. The second one was in Denmark, and it was a camp for Scandinavian countries only, there I had an improvement in my English-speaking on normal situations.

Languages bring people together. For example English the biggest media-language, can be communicated with in every country around the world. I myself enjoy watching the series / movies which are in English without any subtitles, and I enjoy watching shows that are in different languages. 

The most respectful thing you can do is to learn other person’s native language. And when you’ve learned how to speak it, you feel awesome when you will be able to speak the language in his / her country.

My favourite language is Spanish, too bad I do not know how to speak it.

Favourite sport

Ice hockey is very physical and hard game. It is also difficult and dangerous game too, and it´s not so popular game in world. But hockey is team game so it is also good change to get new friends and good way to spend your free time, and that’s why I started hockey when I were twelve years old.

Before I started to play hockey I was a big fan of HIFK and I liked to watch games on TV. It was my passion. But I were miserable to play hockey. I wouldn’t never start hockey, unless my friend not have asked me in his team. I naturally said yes, and after couple trains I knowe that this will be good team for me.

Now I have been playing hockey for four and a half year and I still liked it. Before hockey I had played many another sports like football I played few years and I have engaged few martial arts like judo, taekwondo and boxing, but hockey is still my favourite sport and still I liked to watch it on tv.

I believe that I still play hockey when I am grown up.


Fashionable thing

First I have to say, some people think that fashion and shopping is vain. My opinion is that shopping new clothes is a hobby like photographing and music etc.. A hobby is something you enjoy to do, then your hobby can be anything you like.                                                                                              


So, I love fashion, and I love shopping. I usually spend my money to buy new clothes, but I can be economical too and I recycle my old clothes. I was interested in fashion about 2 years ago, when I started to read fashion blogs.

I read many finnish fashion blogs. For example I read http://annika-o.blogspot.com/, http://mungolife.blogspot.com/ and http://nofashionvictims.indiedays.com/.  There is nice to read fashion and writer’s lifestyle. I often take inspiration my dressing from fashion blogs. If you see  some new nice clothes that blogger have introduced, you usually can get information where to buy it and how much it costs. That’s why nowadays some new popular clothes can be sold before you go to the shop. It’s good advertising, but you have to be fast!

I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog about fashion and lifestyle, but I don’t know if I want many random people know much about my life. And I know that some anonymous can be mean to writing nasty comments to blogger’s comment boxes.  But I love photographing too, so I would like to take some photos for my blog.

And finally I need to put a song here which is all about fashion 😉

Essay by Siru

passion for fashion

I have had a passion for clothes for a long time. About three years ago I discovered a blog about fashion for the first time. Now I read about a hundred blogs a day. They are all about fashion, style, clothes or life/style. Here are few: click, clickclick, I also write my own blog. It´s about my style, clothes and life/style. I have been writing it for a year now and it has become a very important thing in my life.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  Blogging makes me so happy. It´s strange that so many people are interested in my style and life. I love my readers, they always complement my clothes and outfits. I was thrilled to bits, when one girl told me that she always gets inspired by my outfits. One nice comment can really make my day. One day when I was sitting in a cafe with my friend, two girls came up to me and said that they love my blog.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  There are a few downsides, for example, I hate carrying my big camera everyday with me. And some of my friends are so sick of taking pictures of me everyday. If I haven´t been posting for three or four days, I get very stressed. But I´m extremely lucky, because I haven´t  been receiving any mean anonymous comments.

  Even though blogging causes a little bit of stress sometimes, there are so many good thins about it, that I couldn´t imagine quitting. It´s my passion!

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Floorball is a great hobby. It is very popular in Scandinavia. Floorball developed in the 80s. Floorball is required to play racket, shoes and safety glasses can be used if you want to protect your eyes. Floorball can play on any level and age of the players, because the series is for all levels. Lower series called “sähly”. It’s not so much the rules and it is easier, and designed for beginners. Famous Finnish players are example Janne Tähkä, Mika Kohonen and Tero Tiitu.

By Hannu

My… thing.

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Everyone has their own hobbies. Iam no exception, my hobby is watching movies.

I love to watch movies for three reasons: first, when i watcha film i enter a new world, there am no time and space constraints, itis colorful. Through differentmovies, i canenetr a different world, each film has its uniqueness. Movies can show the new space in front of me in which i learn new things.

In the past few years, i have learned a lot by watching moviea. I got alot of ideas form different aspects. Films have become a part of my life. Everyweek i watch at least one monie.

Watching films has taken a lot of my time and money, and movies are not always good. When i can, i watch most films.

Hockey For Life

I have been driven by hockey since I started playing about six years ago. Nowadays I don’t have enough time to do school and volleyball and hockey so I had to give up of it. It’s sad because I love all my team mates and we always had very much fun on the ice!     

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Baseball is a sports game that is played team against team. It is one the most popular and well liked games in the world. What makes baseball so fun and great is that it is a sport game where you do not have to move around all the time, if you make it to the base, there is couple of seconds, even minutes to take it easy. Even when/if you have some spare time in the nest, you still have to keep your eyes on ball all the time.

In Finland and America, baseball is little bit of differend. In finland player stands at the home base with the pitcher that throws the ball to the air and then you have to swing it, but in the American way of baseball the pitcher stand about 20 meters in front of you and throws the ball stright to you. If you miss the throwed ball, is called pitched ball. When you hit the ball good enought, you may run to the first nest, if it is a very good hit, you may run trough all the three bases to back home base.

The picther.

By Joni

Best friends




The best thing that has ever happened to me are my friends and other loved ones. We are always together and we have so much in common. Because of mu friends I am a shopaholic. My friends and I love to shop! We are always in the mall shopping for clothes and shoes and jewellery. Perhaps I spend too much money on clothes, because when I get money it goes always to clothes and something unnecessary. But When we hang out at the mall my friends and I go to eat and we drink special coffees. Our favourite shops are Zara, Vero Moda and Spirit Store. When we aren’t at the mall buying things or hanging out, we spend time at someone’s house and when we hang out at each other’s houses, our activities are playing games, talking about boys and of course watching movies and tv. That is just what I do with my friend almost every day. (: By Anna

My moped

My hobby is mopeds. My moped is slow and it speeds up as slow as a turtle. It has a 50cc, 4-stroke engine. My moped was made in China but still its really reliable. I have had it for a year now and it has never broken down.

I started this hobby when i was 15. Back then i realized i want a moped so i got a moped driver’s licence and bought my moped after that.

The greatest thing in this hobby is that you can go almost everywhere with it, and because my moped has a 4-stroke engine I dont have to buy gas often. My moped has a 10 liter tank and it burns gas about 2 liters / 100 km. It’s really fuel efficient.

The downsides in this hobby is that if I go for a longer ride, i’m sometimes afraid that my moped will break down and I have to walk it home. Mopeds tend to break easily.

So even if my moped is slow and it speeds up really slowly, I still like to ride it everywhere I go

By Austin

Underwater predator

Fishing is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s very relaxing and nice hobbie, because you can spend whole of day fishing. There are lots of different fishing techniques and every fisherman has his own favorite technique. Some people do it as a hobby, for some people it is like a way of life. For me, it ‘s just a hobby.

Like I said, there are lots of different ways to fish. I recommend regular fishing with rod, hook and bait. You can use worms, maggots or bread chunks as bait. I have noticed, that worms work best. You can fish this way almost around the year. Fish you might catch are perches, small pikes or small trouts.

Why I like fishing? There are few simple but good reasons. Fishing is soothing hobbie. I could go to the beach or dock with friends and fish all the day long, while you talk, listen to music or tell jokes. When you rise fish from the water, you feel like winner. There are many feelings that make me happy. But the most important reason is, it makes me smile.

This is a pike I have caught. Weight about 2 kg

Essay by Markus Tirronen

How far can you run?

Have you ever been so energetic that would run around the world?

Running is my passion.

I started running with my friend a couple of years ago. We were thinking what could we do as our hobby. Then at the same time on the tv there was two lady running and it looked like they had a fun time so we decided to try it. And yes it was very enjoyable.

Sometimes I like to run alone, I can run so fast as I can and I can run as far as I can. But when I can’t run anymore I start jogging. I don’t have to wait nobody so I got my own schedule and I like it. When I run, I go running when I have time. So I don’t have to think about what time is it. But now when I get a dog, I think I will run with him. Its going to be nice.

People run marathons all over the world.  Maybe because they wanna show everyone that they can do something, or maybe because they wanna keep up their good shape. But also some professional runners or some big organizations does organize marathon competitions because they wanna collect money to help some developing countries. When I grow up, I would like to run some marathons in finland.

When you run you gotta have good equipment and especially good shoes. If you run with wrong shoes your feet will get hurt and you don’t feel like running is awesome. My dad bought me running shoes and they are from Nike.

I run because I don’t wanna get fat and because I like to keep myself in a good shape. And of course running is good for your health and it makes you feel good. You can do it alone or with your friend or maybe your mom or dad. So you can start it right now I guarantee it will get you sweat!

by Elina

It´s not just a game

    Soccer is the best and most famous sport in the world and it´s easy to learn you can learn it just by watching soccer match on the television. In Brazil everyone have a dream of becoming a professional soccer star even kids, that is why they play street soccer every day. I always love playing soccer and watching of course. I start playing it when i was little boy. At age of eleven it become my real hobby that´s when i start playing in a soccer team. After five years i quit, but i still love it.

      Soccer game was developed in China and was played with leather ball. The modern game was first developed in England in the 19th century. The football association was set up in 1863 and the laws of the game were developed in the same year.

      The game is played by two team of eleven players on the field with a goal each end. After the game start the try to beat each other and everyone try to score a goal.

      Soccer doasen´t  have a negative sides maybe the only downsides are that soccer can be a little bit violence someones can break their legs and it can be unfair  if the referee is bad otherwise it´s piece of cake.

      The game is fantastic and i recommend it to everyone.Amazing skills.

I enjoy watching Chelsea and they are the best.

soccer                                                                              Esse by Zakarie


Basketball is a teamsport. Five players can be on the playing area per each team. You can score points by throwing / shooting the ball through the top of a basketball hoop. There is a point limit for example if you score inside the ring you will get two points and if you score outside the ring you get three points. Regular basketball hoop consist a rim which is 45.7 centimeters and 3.05 meters long. Regular basketball court size is 28 metres long and 15 metres wide. To move with the basketball you have to always bounce it or you will get a foul and it’s called traveling and you can’t carry the ball that is a violation. An attempt to unfairly disadvantage an opponent through physical contact is illegal and is called a foul. Players who are fouled they receive a free throw.

About basketball ball. Official sizes are 74.9 for mens and 72.4 for womens.Official NBA Basketball

Official NBA Basketball

NBA (National Basketball Association) is a professional basketball league which contains thirty teams. The league was founded in New York City on June 6, 1949.

NBA Logo

NBA Logo

Team spirit, strategy and communication is the key to success. Strategy is very importan in basketball. Every players have their own position it’s defensive or offensive, depends on player.  Passing is really important. No one want’s to play with someone who doesn’t pass or being a hero.

Strategy, positions.

Positions and strategy.

There is some mini games that you can play outdoor or indoor: 21, 42, Around the world, Bounce, Firing squad, Fiver, HORSE, Hotshot, Knockout, Onet-shot Conquer, Steal the Bacon, Tip-it, Tips and “The one”.

Official NBA site www.nba.com

I got really interested in basketball when i was about 9 years old. I played basketball in primary school with my friends, but it was not cool to play because i was short like a midget and the basketball was heavy so it was hard to throw it. I had some injuries on my nails because when someone passes to you and you try to catch it but then the ball hits on your nails and it hurts and my nails started to bleed. Growing up i have learned some tricks and now it’s really cool to play because i can now score more often and i like free throws its my favourite. I usually play in indoor and rarely outdoor. I don’t like outdoor / street basketball that much. I still play basketball but i don’t practise that much anymore. My favourite player is Kobe Bryant from Los Angeles Lakers.

Essay by Billy