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Favourite sport

Ice hockey is very physical and hard game. It is also difficult and dangerous game too, and it´s not so popular game in world. But hockey is team game so it is also good change to get new friends and good way to spend your free time, and that’s why I started hockey when I were twelve years old.

Before I started to play hockey I was a big fan of HIFK and I liked to watch games on TV. It was my passion. But I were miserable to play hockey. I wouldn’t never start hockey, unless my friend not have asked me in his team. I naturally said yes, and after couple trains I knowe that this will be good team for me.

Now I have been playing hockey for four and a half year and I still liked it. Before hockey I had played many another sports like football I played few years and I have engaged few martial arts like judo, taekwondo and boxing, but hockey is still my favourite sport and still I liked to watch it on tv.

I believe that I still play hockey when I am grown up.



Hockey For Life

I have been driven by hockey since I started playing about six years ago. Nowadays I don’t have enough time to do school and volleyball and hockey so I had to give up of it. It’s sad because I love all my team mates and we always had very much fun on the ice!